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hoppnjoe started this conversation
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Goodevening all, I'm A 60 year old man who is not able to work anymore. I used to drive a tow truck for 20 years then i had 2 heart attacks and had to stop working. I'm blind in my right eye when the state drs found out that did it for me driving. Sence ive been out of work ive had to go back into the hospital 2 timesm and have had 3 stents put into my heart. Every winter when the weather gets cold i get broncitius and i have it until the weather warms up again. My dr has told he to move to a warmer climate, but i need help doing that. If someone can help me with 5000.00 for a down payment on a used moble home . God bless you. I cant get one without help my daughter had cancer back in 2001 and i had to file bankrupticy. So if anyone can help me again thank you and godbless you

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